about us


about us:

The CarinoTEC Industrial Group, which consisted of two Tajhiz Energy Carsun and Pouya Tosee Carino Companies in 2009, with the aim of designing and engineering parts for automobiles and railway equipment and petroleumequipment.

  • Kind of activity: Design and engineering, automotive parts production, railroad industries, petroleum industries
  • Markets: automobile manufacturing,Rail Industries, Oil industry, Military
  • Location: Tehran, IRAN


  • Customers of this company:
  1.  Iran Khodro Co.
  2. Saza GostarSaipa
  3.  Sapco Engineering Engineering Co.
  4.  Motor Gearbox Excel  Saipa (Megamotor)
  • Main shareholders:

Ali Gholizadeh

Marzieh Bani Asadi